The Story of the Music Hub Academy

The Music Hub Academy is the oldest music school in Melton and it's surrounding areas, providing fun and engaging music lessons tailored to all ages and abilities. So they can dazzle and impress their friends, be able to perform on stage, gain confidence, play along to their favourite songs, become the music teachers of tomorrow and learn to how make a career in the music industry.  

At the end of 2018 Westwood Music got tired of running a music store and where about to close up for good. Felipe a dedicated percussion teacher was happy to give running a music school a shot and with the help of parents, family, teachers and community volunteers created The Music Hub Academy.  

Then, disaster hit. At the beginning of 2019 at the start of Term one a fire in the shopping complex near the Music Hub Academy forced the school to stop lessons at the shop. Guitarist Brendan, Steve and Mark, drummer Adem along with Percussionist Felipe continued to give lessons during this period at their students home or in one case running lessons from their own home.


Since the return in term two we have welcomed a new addition to the school. That is the Kayla B School of Singing offering A grade singing lessons and working together with The Music Hub Academy will continue to provide quality music lessons.

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